As you'd expect, all of the endpoints in the service provider API require authentication. You authenticate each request you make by using your API key in the request's HTTP headers: Authorization: Bearer <API_KEY>

For instance, to query for a list of all the Locks you have been grated access to you would make a GET request to <<api_url>>/v1/partners/** Your_Service_Provider_ID**/locks.

So if your credentials are:

  • Service Provider ID: <<service_provider_id>>
  • API Key: <<service_provider_api_key>>

Your request will look like this:

curl --location --request GET '<<api_url>>/v1/partners/<<service_provider_id>>/locks' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <<service_provider_api_key>>'


Remember to never commit your credentials (Service Provider ID, and API Key) to your codebase. Make use of environment variables or configuration files excluded from your repository.

If you ever need to refresh your credentials, please reach out to us through the channels we've set up for you.