Key Request (Deprecated)

You can use the Key Request feature to ask for a User’s (Lock Owner’s) permission to generate a Key (or set of Keys) for you to provide a service.

You can easily integrate this feature with services like for instance an e-commerce checkout flow, where you can offer indoor deliveries to Unloc users.


For an e-commerce flow, the Key Request process could be initiated at the "Delivery information" step

You would query the Service Provider API to find out if the user’s mobile phone number matches an Unloc user; if so, you’d submit a Key Request that will trigger a push notification on the user’s device.

Key Request push notification
Key Request push notification
The approval screen within the Unloc app
The approval screen within the Unloc app

After the user approves the request, you are able to distribute the granted Key/s to a target Mobile Phone Number or Secure Device owned by the delivery person that will bring the package to your customer’s home. Finally, the key will be deleted right after being used to open a Lock and the Lock Owner will be notified of the successful delivery.

This is just an example scenario that highlights different steps of a Key Request process, your use case may be different, but the flow should remain the same:

  1. Check if your user has Unloc
  2. Request permission to generate a Key for their Lock/s
  3. Distribute Key/s to the Mobile Phone Number or Secure Device owned by the person performing the service

The next steps of this guide will help you better understand the API requests involved in this process, however, if you feel adventurous, you can always jump straight into the API Reference and come back for additional guidance.