Quickstart - Introduction

Unloc’s Service Provider API is your best ally when you want to easily provide services to your users right to their doors by allowing you to generate mobile Keys for Locks you have been granted access to by their owners.

Permanent Access

You have the ability to establish a permanent connection to a Lock, allowing you to generate keys on demand. This is specially useful when you provide services with a regular frequency to the same User.

Think of a newspaper delivery service: newspapers need to be delivered every day, so it makes sense for the delivery company to have access to their customer’s doors all week long, but only during the times the delivery is happening according to their schedule.

As you might imagine, this requires the Lock owner to trust you, the Service Provider, to have Key generation access to their Locks. That’s why we manually broker the initial association between you and a Lock owner. Feel free to contact us through the channels we’ve set up for you to assist you with this process.

Key Usage

Keys created by service providers can be made for a specific person identified by their mobile phone number.

A Key made for a specific person will instantly be available to them through the Unloc app.

What’s Next