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Need Internet after reseaving key code?

Hello, if I get a key using internet via wifi and then go to the lock where no internet is available can I still unlock door?

Any documentation regarding the offline use case?

I couldn’t find any mention of the case when the lock is used without internet connection. And also the doc regarding BLE unlocking.

Using basic Auth on webhook url?

I have a post endpoint that is secured by default with Basic Authentication. when I created the webhook for the lock I provided the credentials (https://username:[email protected]/api/unloc_webhook) I tested my URL multiple times with postman and get 200 back on POST, but when unlocking the lock I don't receive any data. I also used a website https://webhook.site to check if I configured the correct lock , and I can confirm that the lock is correct! Please help!

API question

Hello, I am developing an application for company and using your API for our needs to manage keys, locks etc. I have faced an issue that currently if we use single lock holder for entire customers list it we can't create additional vendor connections for different vendors and so that every customer will be able to create connection themselves. Secondly if we want to create every lock holder for every customer (which is also possible) we can't handle an entire flow as there is no API method for creating locks instead of duplicating them. As if we create the lock holder, connection, and locks or keys from API methods it is actually impossible. Could you please help me to resolve the issues with the flow I am currently facing with?