Key Duration

  • The create-key endpoint now accept durationMinutes. This means that you can set a start and duration for a key, instead of having to calculate end time yourself.
  • We also fixed a bug where it was not possible to remove address from a lock.

Two new endpoints


Lock Holder Events, format phone number endpoint, and more


New Vendor Connections with the same credentials no longer overwrite existing ones

Creating a new Vendor Connection that reuses the credentials of an existing Vendor Connection no longer disconnects the existing one. Instead, a 409 error is returned.


Get a single Key & Prefetch Keys

  • The Integrator API now includes a Get a single Key endpoint.

  • Service Providers can take advantage of a new App Switch URL: prefetchkeys. Using it will make the Unloc app download all the Keys associated with a user beforehand, instead at the time of opening a Lock. This improves performance by having all the Keys immediately available, and, covers the case where a Lock might be located at a place with poor or no internet coverage whatsoever.


Custom Key metadata

You can now embed custom metadata on Keys you create using the Integrator API.

Lock battery status

Endpoints that return Lock data now contain a new property intended to display Lock's battery information.


Service Provider Key creation request error

When a Service Provider attempts to create a Key for a Lock who's Lock Holder's Vendor Connection is in an error state, a 403 error code will be returned. Previously the Key creation endpoint returned 200 regardless of the Vendor Connection state.

Lock Timezones, Webhook authentication, `appSwitchOnly` Keys

Lock Timezones


Lockholder on Locks returned from the Service Provider API

Locks returned from the endpoint Return list of all locks in the Service Provider API now include a lockHolder field. This aims to make it easier for you, as a Service Provider, to distinguish Locks that you can create Keys for.