Creating Key Requests with the Service Provider API

We have just launched a new product for the Service Provider API. Through the API it is now possible to request digital keys from a user. Use it to enable in-home delivery and similar.


Introducing Secure Devices for Service Providers

We have added documentation on how to handle Secure Devices in the Service Provider API. Secure device is a concept introduced in order to maintain control over which service provider devices are used to interact with keys to privately owned locks from the Unloc Work app. A typical use case is a service partner that wishes to get access to a users apartment, to perform some service.


Introducing: Token Exchange

Our OAuth2 token endpoint now supports Token Exchange grant! Read more about it here.


Sandbox environment sub-domain change

The domain for our Sandbox environment unfortunately had to be changed due to a required change in our proxy setup. The old domain which included a sub-sub domain for Sandbox has been replaced by Please make changes to any setup using the Sandbox environment. No data or accounts was affected by the change.