Lock battery status

Endpoints that return Lock data now contain a new property intended to display Lock's battery information.


Service Provider Key creation request error

When a Service Provider attempts to create a Key for a Lock who's Lock Holder's Vendor Connection is in an error state, a 403 error code will be returned. Previously the Key creation endpoint returned 200 regardless of the Vendor Connection state.

Lock Timezones, Webhook authentication, `appSwitchOnly` Keys

Lock Timezones


Lockholder on Locks returned from the Service Provider API

Locks returned from the endpoint Return list of all locks in the Service Provider API now include a lockHolder field. This aims to make it easier for you, as a Service Provider, to distinguish Locks that you can create Keys for.


Virtual Vendor Connection creation, Lock sorting and Lock creation date

  • It is now possible to create a virtual Vendor Connection specifying an amount of virtual Locks to create
  • Locks returned from the API now contain a created field specifying the creation date using the ISO-8601 format
  • It is now possible to sort Locks in the Get all Locks From a Lock Holder endpoint by name or created, either by ascending or descending order

Endpoints for getting keys and roles for a single user

We have added two new endpoints:


Performance Improvements

We've changed what service we host our API on, making it considerably more responsive.
Most endpoints should respond in around 400ms (unless you're fetching a lot of data), and the horrible 4-5 second spikes should be completely gone.


Use LockHolder Id in scope

The old way of getting a lockholder in scope was to use lockHolder.identifier:[countryIso].[orgId].[orgIdSuffix], e.g. lockHolder.identifier:NO. 919424508.test.


New endpoint for closing a Key Request

We have just launched a new endpoint to close a Key Request. Closing a Key Request will revoke any keys associated with it.


Creating Key Requests with the Service Provider API

We have just launched a new product for the Service Provider API. Through the API it is now possible to request digital keys from a user. Use it to enable in-home delivery and similar.