The Unloc Platform

Unloc is a platform for creating and using digital Keys.

Digital Keys give personal, time-limited access to electronic Locks. Unloc supports a growing list of electronic Lock types and vendors, this ultimately means that you can use the Unloc APIs to manage digital Keys for new and existing devices.

Unloc has two different APIs: The Integrator API and the Service Provider API .

The Integrator API

The Integrator API is built to allow fully managing locks, accesses and keys, either for locks you own yourself or on the behalf of others. Some example use cases are:

  • Building management companies to handle Locks and Keys.
  • Property developers to provide digital Keys as an added value to residents.

The Service Provider API

The service provider API allows companies to request Keys to Users in order to provide services to them. Some example use cases are:

  • Cleaning companies to do housecleaning while the residents are at work.
  • Care workers to assist patients
  • Logistics companies to perform unattended package deliveries.

All of these would require the User to be at home and able to unlock their doors in order to allow the service providing person in.

With Unloc, a Service Provider company can request their Users to provide them with access to dynamically generate Keys for their Locks at specific times.

Become a service provider or integrator

Contact us to set up a Service Provider and/or Integrator account for you.

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