Welcome to the Unloc Platform

Unloc is a platform for creating and using Mobile Keys. It allows you to integrate mobile key management into your own application, and let your users and customers open doors effortlessly with the Unloc App. The Unloc Platform is hardware agnostic, so you can pick the hardware best suited for your use case.

Mobile Keys give personal, time-limited access to electronic Locks, and Unloc supports a growing list of electronic Lock types and vendors. By integrating with the Unloc platform you can manage everything access related in one place.

The platform integrates a collection of components that collectively address all requirements associated with mobile key management:

  • The Unloc App enables end-users to open doors and share keys.
  • The Unloc Control Center gives Lock Owners the opportunity to manage Keys, Sharing Rights and much more from a web app. The Control Center is powered by the Unloc API.
  • The Unloc API gives Lock Owners the opportunity to fully integrate key management in their own applications, or utilize third party apps to automate key management.
  • The Service Provider API gives third-parties opportunity to create keys to deliver a service (given that the Lock Owners have given them the privilege to do so).
  • The Platform itself handles Vendor Integrations, abstracting away all the hard parts of opening doors with an app. As a developer you interface with the Unloc API, and we do the rest.

The Unloc API

The Unloc API is built to allow fully managing locks, accesses and keys, either for locks you own yourself or on the behalf of others. It can be used in a huge variety of use cases in different industries. Here are some examples:

  • Automatically create keys for tenants that move into a building.
  • Automatically revoke keys for your employees the day they quit.
  • Create keys for your customer the moment they sign the contract to rent a storage unit.
  • Give out time limited keys to meeting rooms booked in a Booking system.
  • Create temporary keys for nurses in a nursing home, based on their assignments.

The Unloc API provides the building blocks you need to make anything you can think of that requires digital management of physical locks.


Do you have an idea, but are not sure if the Unloc API fits your requirements?

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The Unloc API powers the Unloc Control Center. Everything you can do from the Unloc Control Center is possible to do through the API.

The Service Provider API

The service provider API allows companies to create keys for Users in order to provide services to them. Some example use cases are:

  • Cleaning companies to do housecleaning while the residents are at work.
  • Care workers to assist patients
  • Logistics companies to perform unattended package deliveries.

Without mobile keys all of these would require the User to be at home and unlock their doors manually in order to allow the service providing person in.

With Unloc, a Service Provider company can request their Users to provide them with access to dynamically generate Keys for their Locks at specific times.

Unloc Control Center

Integrating with Unloc does not require you to go the distance and make a full blown key management system. All API users also have access to the Unloc Control Center, where you can do all basic key management.

A good approach to start utilizing the power of the Unloc platform is to start with the Unloc Control Center as the frontend, and use the Unloc API for automations. Then you can gradually move the functionality you want over into your own application, if needed.

Everything you can do in the Unloc Control Center is possible to do with the Unloc API.

The Unloc App

The Unloc App enables end-users to open doors and share keys. End-users can be anyone that needs a mobile key:

  • Residents that live in a co-op.
  • A janitor that needs access to a technical room in the basement.
  • An employee of a small company with offices in a coworking space.
  • A student that have booked access to a study room at a school.

Unloc opens door for everyone everywhere.

Vendor Integrations

The Unloc platform is hardware agnostic and supports a range of different Lock Hardware through our Vendor Integrations. On our homepage we list out all locks we support.

Need help selecting the correct Lock for your use case? Don't hesitate to Contact us and we will help you analyze your needs and pick the correct hardware.