The Unloc platform will notify users whenever a Key has been created for their mobile phone number.

Notification method

We make use of two different methods to notify the user when a Key has been created for them:


If the user has previously installed the Unloc app using the target mobile phone number we will send a Push Notification to their device.


If the user has not previously logged in to the Unloc app, a text message or SMS will be sent to the user's mobile phone number telling them that a key has been created for them, and directing them to download the Unloc app for their platform in order to make use of it.

Notification Text

We have a pre-set message template for the SMS in three languages: English, Norwegian and Swedish.


{* Creator of the Key *} has sent you a digital key to {* Lock Name *}. Download the Unloc app to get started.


{* Creator of the Key *} har sendt deg digitale nøkler til {* Lock Name *}. Last ned Unloc-appen for å komme i gang!


{* Creator of the Key *} har skickat en digital nyckel till dig till {* Lock Name *}. Ladda ned Unloc-appen för att komma igång.

How is the language selected?

We use the country code from the user’s mobile phone number to set language, according to the following table:

Dialing codeSMS Language
Any other codeEnglish


What about language for push notifications?

Push notifications are handled by the Unloc app and relies on the language set on the mobile device.

Disabling notifications for your uses

The Unloc platform gives you the flexibility to disable the default notification of a Key creation process to instead send a custom notification yourself, thus avoiding sending multiple notifications to the User.

To avoid sending a notification when creating a Key, add the skipInviteNotification property to the Create a Key for a Lock request's body and set its value to true.