Access Log and Privacy Policy

Access Log

The Access Log is used to keep track of who has opened or closed a Lock. A single event in the Access Log will contain information about the time something happened and who did it (if the Lock's privacy policy is not set to anonymized/private). We call these events access-events.


Access Events was named Key Events in Version 1 of the API.

Access Events can be read from the API, or viewed under the corresponding Lock in the Unloc Control Center.

Access Event Actions

An event in the Access Log will have an action tied to it.

unlockedAn AppUser unlocked a Lock.
lockedAn AppUser locked a Lock.
viewedCodeAn AppUser viewed a code to a code Lock.

Privacy Policy

A Lock can have three different privacy policies, defining what Access Events will be available for you through the API.

Privacy PolicyDescriptionContent from API
PublicAccess Event is stored with appUserId and available in the API and Control Center for 60 days."+47900000 opened Hovedinngang at 23:21"
AnonymizedAccess Event is stored and available in the API and Control Center for 60 days, and stored anonymously"<anonymized> opened Hovedinngang at 23:21"
PrivateAccess Event is stored, but not available in the API.Nothing

You can always change the Privacy Policy of a Lock, but that will not retroactively change old log entries.

Default Privacy Policy

Default Privacy Policy is a setting you configure on your Project to describe what Privacy Policy should be default when you onboard a new lock. You can read the current Default Privacy Policy in the response of the Get Project endpoint.

By using the Update Default Privacy Policy you can update the default on your Project. This endpoint takes a parameter to update Privacy Policy on all Locks.