A Subproject is a scoped down version of a Project, with its own Keys, Sharing Rights and Managed Users.

Subprojects allows Project Admin to delegate access management of their doors to other administrators in the Unloc Control Center. The Project Admin can add Locks to a Subproject, and then assign a Subproject Administrator. Then the Subproject Administrator can add users and create keys.

The Project Admin can at any time remove a Lock from the Subproject, and all keys for that Lock within the Subproject will be autmatically removed.

How is it structured?

  • A Subproject belongs to a Project.
  • A Subproject holds a reference to a set of Locks in the parent Project.
  • Within the Subproject you can create Keys and Sharing Rights.

In the illustration you can see a Project with two Subprojects. Both Subprojects have access to two Locks each. As you can see they can also manage the same Lock.

When working inside the scope of Subproject in the Unloc Control Center it works as a scoped down Project, but with limited features. To the Subproject Adminstrator the world looks like this:

How to work with Subprojects

Working with Subprojects is like working with a Project. For now you have to use the project.admin scope. In the future the endpoints will also accept a subproject.admin scope.

Key endpoints

Create Subproject Keys

Get Keys in Subproject

Revoke Keys in Subproject

Revoke Shared Keys in Subproject

Revoke Key

Sharing Rights endpoints

Get Sharing Rights

Create Sharing Rights

Revoke Sharing Rights in Subproject

Managed Users

Get all Managed Users

Create Managed User in Subprojects

Update Managed User

Delete Managed User