Organization Modules and Project Modules

A Module is a piece of functionality that can be activated in your Organizations and Projects. Activating a Module will enable the relevant endpoints in the API and enable new sections in the Unloc Control Center.

A module need to be activated in order to use the API endpoints and to see the functionality in the Unloc Control Center.

The API reference specifies what Module you need to activate

Project Modules

DoorbellActivate the possibility to set up and manage Unloc Doorbells.
Mobile keysActivate the possibility to create Mobile Keys and give out Sharing Rights to your Locks.
SubprojectActivate the possibility to create Subprojects which you can use to delegate access in the Unloc Control Center.

You can see what Project Module is active for you project with the Get Project endpoint.

Organization Modules

Branded KeysUpload logos and set brand colors to express your brand on your keys and locks in the Unloc app.
Extended StatisticsGet extended statistics for your Organization and Project.

You can see what Organization Module is active for you project with the Get Organizaton endpoint.

How to enable a module?

Modules can (for now) only be activated by contacting Unloc Support.