Welcome to the Unloc API

The Unloc API allows you to fully manage your digital locks and to create keys for users to open doors through the Unloc app.

Here you will find documentation of Version 2 of the Unloc API. If you have previously used Version 1, head over to the Migration Guide to learn what is needed to migration from V1 to V2.


Unloc API 2.0 is released, but still in beta and therefore subject to change.

Getting started with the Unloc API

  1. To use the API you need API Credentials for an Organization. If you don't already have this, please contact us to get what you need.
  2. Use your credentials to grab a JWT using the OAuth2 Token endpoint. See the Authentication guide to learn how to do this.
  3. Start creating mobile keys!

Where to go next depends on your background.

I'm totally new to Unloc, and need to learn everything!

We recommend heading over to the guide section of our developer reference and learn the basics.

I'm familiar with the Unloc Control Center, and want to start integrating

Perfect! Assuming you already got an organization and some Projects, you are good to go.

You might start with retrieving information about all your locks, and then proceed to create some keys.

If you don't have any locks yet, you can create some Virtual Locks to start your Unloc journey.