Access to the Integrator API is split into two scopes: the Integrator Admin and the Lock Holder Admin scope.

We isolate the endpoints of the API that can be used depending on which scope you use to request an Access Token.

The very first scope you will use is the integrator.admin scope. This scope will grant you access to the endpoints that allow you to Creating a new Lock Holder and List all the Lock Holders you have access to.

Integrator Admin Scope

The Integrator Admin Scope allows you to interact with the following API end points:

You can read more about the Integrator Admin Scope here.

It is a good idea to store Lock Holder IDs the Get All Lock Holders and Create new Lock Holder endpoints return for later use when requesting an Access Token with the Lock Holder Admin Scope.


You should consider storing Lock Holder IDs inside your own system's database in order to have quicker access to them when making future requests within the Lock Holder Admin Scope

Lock Holder Admin Scope

This scope provides access to Unloc's Lock Holder entities: Lock, User, Key, and Webhook end points are available when using an Access Token with the Lock Holder Admin Scope.

You will use this scope to get Locks for a Lock Holder, add Keys to those Locks, manage User Roles, get Key Events and more.

You can read more about the Lock Holder Admin Scope here.

What’s Next

Use these scopes to request an Access Token